World class inspection.

We take the utmost pride in producing the best quality, highest performing and most durable parts for the aerospace and defence sectors. Quality is guaranteed through our vigorous inspection procedures.

Across the FGP group we have extensive in-process inspection and testing facilities that are full of the latest and most advanced inspection and meteorology equipment. We hit world class customer reject ppm levels (<230ppm).


Our extensive range of metrology equipment includes:

  • Faro arms x 3, Hommel laser scan - non-contact
  • 3 x CMM
  • Keyence x 2
  • Baty R14 shadowgraph wuth Fusion sorftware
  • Xrite spectrophotometer
  • Vison Lynx evo microscope
  • Tesa Micro-Hite M600 x 3
  • OGP VICIvision
Key points from the FGP Inspection department:
  • FAIR management – AS9102 data control & collection
  • Standardisation of inspection processes/kit
  • In-process inspection areas in place throughout shop
  • Cell verification introduced
  • Customer Eyes over introduced
  • 5S & Kaisen Process
  • Supplier Quality Engineering
  • FOD control
  • Virtual BMS – produce dynamic system
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