Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment & Thermal Processing

FGP Lufton Ltd Heat Treatment Services: FGP Lufton Ltd is part of the FGP Group which also includes FGP Systems Ltd and RSC Ltd.

Besides its very comprehensive Machining and Assembly capability, the Group also provides an extensive range of NADCAP approved Heat Treatment and Surface Treatment Services to the Engineering Industry. In collaboration with VAS Ltd (Vacuum & Atmosphere Services Ltd) FGP Lufton Ltd has just gone through a major investment program across its Vacuum Heat Treatment and Vacuum Brazing facility. Whereby now we have immediate capacity and can offer a very competitive and comprehensive range of Thermal Processing Services.

Vacuum Heat Treatment & Vacuum Brazing

FGP Lufton now have 4 vacuum furnaces complete with ‘Upgraded Controls’ and ‘Hot Zones’ available for your Vacuum Heat Treat and Vacuum Brazing.

Equipment at this Nadcap accredited facility are surveyed in accordance with the requirements of AMS2750 (Pyrometry) and certified. All heat treatments are currently carried out in ovens using air cooling or vacuum furnaces using a forced gas (Argon or Nitrogen quench) using pressures of up to 6 bar.

  • Extensive Steels Capabilities
  • Magnetic Annealing of Soft Iron, Nickel Iron Alloys, Radiometal and Mumetal.
  • Titanium Annealing and Stress Relieving
  • Stress Relieving, Annealing and Heat Treatment of Aluminium
  • Hardness and Conductivity Testing
  • Nickel and Copper Brazing Facility

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If you want to know more about our FGP Group Services and Capability or have an RFQ enquiry , please contact Ian Rowe, FGP Group Commercial Director: ian.rowe@fgpltd.co.uk

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News: Vacuum Heat Treatment, Thermal Processing & Vacuum Braising

FGP Lufton’s latest new Vacuum Furnace is now commissioned and fully operational.

FGP Lufton now have 4 vacuum furnaces complete with 'Upgraded Controls' and 'Hot Zones' available for your Vacuum Heat Treat and Vacuum Brazing.
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