Getting it right from the beginning.

How do you achieve world class safety, integrity and commercial bespoke solutions, from concept to final delivery of the product? It starts by getting it right from the very beginning.

The FGP engineering department fully supports our customers who are looking to blend cutting edge design with manufacturability.  This is achieved through close partnerships, workshops, and fast pace feedback on design review. Operating Catia V5 as the primary design platform, we offer an agile and flexible review process reacting in real time. Building on excellent customer links and relationships to best plan and process the parts, concept through to delivery.

Getting it right.

Supporting customers with design reviews to best utilize the latest machines and machining strategies. How we do it:

  • Learn the current process
  • Adopt techniques
  • Create detailed sketches
  • Create manufacturing control plans
  • Create clear and helpful engineering plans
  • Sign off on method
  • Manufacture right. First time!
Featured Case Study


FGP identified a business need, for quick, accurate data. Information that can drive important decision, aid in communication between different functions in the business, measure KPI’s, offer alignment across all ...
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