Bespoke assembly.

At FGP we have the capacity to establish bespoke assembly areas for our customers. The same expert skill and attention to detail goes into our assembly as our precision engineering, because the quality of the finished product is everything.

Our extensive premises offer the floor space required for us to establish bespoke assembly lines. Each finished product is checked and checked again. We have built a firm reputation for manufacture and assembly of key parts for some of the biggest global aerospace companies.

Assembly capability.

Our assembly capability covers the full spectrum of assembly activities including wire thread inserts and staking through to main assembly build and test. In terms of material supply we have full Kanban systems operationally managed through a third party for B/Out shuttle class items.

We utilise SCIPE; a dynamic work scheduling tool which facilitates a clear understanding of customer requirements and drives ownership and empowerment of both team & individuals. Dynamic communication between the assembly department and key service provider is handled electronically.

Our cross functional team effectively deals with any critical shortages effecting the customer’s internal & external delivery plan.

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