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Proud to support our NHS

At the end of March 2020 FGP was asked to support the manufacture of urgent ventilator parts for our NHS, just like others in British Manufacturing.

FGP rose to the challenge to turn the parts around in record time. The whole team pulled together and by the 6th April the first 2000 parts were on their way with a further 2000 following 2 days later.

One the first part had been completed the next challenge arrived, 4000 parts at the rate of 800 every other day! A slightly more challenging part this time with a critical valve seat and some intricate deburring required. Without the use of our Citizen L32 the rate would not have been achievable.

Midway through the manufacture of the first 4000 we were asked if we could produce a further 4000 to follow from the first of course we said yes.

Although the machining was underway, from the beginning there was still the issue of how we were going to supply the customer with adequate protection. Knowing that once the parts reached the customer they were to be divided into 40 offs we set out to use our Router to produce our own packaging. It had not been utilised in this way before so we had to learn very quickly.

By the end of April 2020 will have supplied a total of 10,000 parts for the Ventilator Challenge UK.

James Bishop, Head of Planning, FGP Systems and FGP Lufton Ltd.

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