Protecting our team, clients and the community

Across the FGP Group we have taken various steps to ensure a safe operating procedure during the Covid-19 pandemic.

FGP have produced and installed clear shielding screens around the site to reduce risk of virus spread. FGP support working from home, and where possible we have asked our staff to work remotely. Remote Desktops, VPN’s, and web conferncing have become common place for some, as we work to keep FGP operational, and reduce the strain on the NHS. For a full overview of the risk assessments carried out at each of the FGP Group companies, please download the files below.

  • FGP Systems

    Covid Risk Assessment

  • FGP Lufton

    Covid Risk Assessment

  • RSC

    Covid Risk Assessment

Supporting the NHS

At FGP we will do everything that we can to support the NHS and key-workers during this difficult time. To add a little sunshine to your day, here are some lovely drawings by FGP team members’ children.

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