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FGP identified a business need, for quick, accurate data. Information that can drive important decision, aid in communication between different functions in the business, measure KPI’s, offer alignment across all data sources, and detect problems as early as possible.

The solution needed to offer ease of use and convenient updating, to fall in line with the required demand of regular improvement, additions and bespoke systems. Scipe was born from this requirement.

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Written from the ground up and utilising databases hosted at FGP. Despite still being in its infancy, Scipe has already made a substantial impact across many functions of the business: Procurement; Stores; Sales; Account management; Subcon management; Operations; Quality.

Amongst many other features, FGP now has better control over its order books. Lines can be confirmed for the financial window, or marked as risks or ‘no’s, with the ability to enter comments explaining the problem. This gives early visibility and escalation requirements for jobs resulting in far less surprises come month end, and many more successes.

Delivery performance is also measured, reporting percentages of ‘on time delivery’, ‘earlies’, and ‘lates’, and offering an up to date picture of how FGP are performing currently, and the remaining potential for the time period.  These resources can be combined to form financial forecasts and identify trends and issues.

FGP’s delivery performance for March
Operations Management and Virtual Cells

Scipe provides a view, and summaries, of the current operation plan. Planned operations are displayed against machines, or against cells, including start time and finish time, and details on how we are performing to plan. Cells can be clicked, which display information across all machines in the chosen cell, or individual machines can be selected allowing for the grouping of virtual cells.

Current priority around account management and the automation of order book updates, showing clear indication of exception messages that can be reacted to in a quick and efficient manner.

With every day Scipe gets new features, improvements and capabilities, further enhancing the performance of FGP and the efficiency of its processes. Eventually, when Scipe has reached an adequate stage of development, it could be rolled out to support other companies in CIM, and tailored to meet their requirements. Offering not only the same advantages as at FGP, but the opportunity to streamline appropriate data between companies, and report summaries at a group level.

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