Case Studies

Meeting customer expectations through automation

Through investment in our automated production capabilities we have created a more efficient, more productive and greater capacity workflow.


Meet anticipated production rate for customer specific parts (left and right hand), to fulfil demand and release capacity for additional production, in conjunction with retaining the quality of the finished component. Parts in question are on a long term contract with a steady delivery rate month on month.

  • Current production was over two machines, running on a shift system day and night four days a week.
  • Peak output was 18 components each machine, totaling 36 parts per week.
  • Two machines, four operators = 144 parts per week.


Commission and installation of an automated production solution to FGP Weymouth late November 2018. The chosen machine was a Hermle HS Flex C400 supplied by Kingsbury’s. The machine is configured to FGP requirements to best fulfil the operational sequence steps.

  • Six pallets loaded with the first operation and six pallets with the second operation, equaling a combined automated runtime of 22.5 hours.
  • In process tool wear and breakage detection, in process re-stocking of raw billets, zero setup time, intuitive machine operation.
  • Two machines freed up and now assigned to new work, further enhancing FGP’s great delivery performance to our customers. 
  • One machine, two operators = 176 parts per week.

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