A responsibility.
A commitment.

At FGP we have a strong commitment to operating in a sustainable way and driving positive change towards a more sustainable future.

Through various initiatives we aim to reduce our carbon footprint, to reduce waste and to do everything that we can to have as little impact on the environment as possible. We consider this throughout every aspect of the business, from planning and investment to daily operations and the ethos that we instill in our team. Engaging with local partners, we have successfully obtained funding to install solar panels on some of our rooves, presenting us with a CO2 emission reduction in excess of 96,000 kgs/year. The installation consists of 600 panels, covering 981m2. Our thanks and appreciation go to the Low Carbon trust, Dorset (LCD).


In the pursuit of global environmental sustainability, we at FGP pride ourselves in utilising waste, as well as protecting natural sources where possible.

Through our investment in specialist machinery we have the capability to shred and compact waste metal which can then be returned to our supplier, reworked and resold. This both reduces waste and has become an economically viable process. All of our material waste is processed and redelivered into the industry, ensuring we maintain our environmental responsibility.

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